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About once a month V-Learning Community offers a virtual event. Please click topics that interest you to uncover interactive materials, articles, podcasts, videos, websites, and more.  You can walk through the learning on your own, participate in an asynchronous virtual event, or use the materials to run your own class, social gathering, team meeting, etc. Please visit the disclaimer for further information.  In addition, a sample training plan and invitation are available, if you choose to have your own live event.    

If you're starting new and would like more foundational resources,

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Frugal Plant-based Meals

Vegetables OP CIRCLE.png


Ballet CIRCLE.png

Sugar, Salt & Oil

Sugar Salt Oil OP CIRCLE.png

Considering the Heart

Heart OP Circle.png



Wag'hen for Ewe

My Life as a Turkey


Touching the Wild

Reindeer P F O.png

Bearing Hibernation

Bear OP Circle.png

Rabbit Holes

Rabbit OP Circle.png


Planet et Earth

WWW Icon.png

Wildlife Habitats

Wild Birds OP CIRCLE.png

Spring Sprigs

Vegetables OP Circle.png

Renewable Energy

RE OP Circle.png

Indispensable Insects

Moth OP 2 Circle.png


Vegan Games

Questions in a Bowl

Questions in a Bowl.png

Would You Rather

Fruit Circle.png

Conversation Flashcards

Conversation Circle.png

Fall Game

Thanksgiving Eve Circle.png


Bingo Circle.png