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We try to include videos from YouTube that are not highly graphic of animal suffering, in-depth heart surgery, etc., but there are occasional images in order to tell the story and everyone has a different sensitivity level.

Therefore please use your own discretion. 

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Protein gained from a steak or hamburger, comes from the plants consumed by the cow. This is the same for pigs and chickens. The animals are just the middlemen.

According to The Game Changers video in the Athletes topic. 

Considering the Heart

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Discussion of a study from the Journal of Family Medicine on vegan diets vs. heart disease. 

According to Study: Food Can Reserve Heart Disease video in the Considering the Heart topic. 

Frugal Plant-based Meals

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Meal prep, buy in bulk, and farmer's markets are just a few suggestions.

According to Vegan on a Budget video in the Frugal Plant-based Meals topic.

Sugar, Salt & Oil

Sugar Salt Oil OP CIRCLE.png

Sugars are not just in candies and deserts.  They can be found in tomato sauce, flavored water, granola bars,  and dried fruit

According to How Sugar Affects the Brain - Nicole Avena video in the Sugar, Salt & Oil topic.


Bearing Hibernation

Bear OP Circle.png

A bear may express concern by snorting, grabbing with teeth, howling, and licking lips.

According to Bear Gives a Warning Bite | BBC Earth video in the Bearing Hibernation topic.

Rabbit Holes

Rabbit OP Circle.png

Grooming for a Rabbit is their way of telling each other they are part of group. 

According to Burrowers: Animals Underground - Baby Rabbits | Wildlife Documentary | Natural History video in the Rabbit Holes topic.

Touching the Wild

Reindeer P F O.png

Mule deer may have the largest brain of any deer in the world. Their intelligence has been demonstrated by recognizing their names, their curiosity, and returning to the same range each year.

According to Wild Deer Bonds With Human | Nature on PBS video in the Touching the Wild topic.

My Life as a Turkey

Turkey CIRCLE.png

Turkey's have over 30 calls as observed by the narrator. 

According to Learning to Speak Turkey | BBC in the My Life as a Turkey topic.

The Complex Experience of Pain

The Complex Experience of Pain Circle.png

The film clip names fish as even more sentient than humans because of a number of factors, including having taste buds and can see more colors. 

According to What Fish Feel When They Are Killed for Food | NowThis video in the The Complex Experience of Pain topic.


Elephants  OP CIRCLE.png

Elephants have a highly developed emotional center in the brain. 

According to Why Elephants Never Forget - Alex Gendler video in the Elephants topic.


Planet et Earth

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As of 2019, we and the animals we raise account for 96% of the mammals and 70% of the birds on earth.

According to How to Save Our Planet video in the Planet et Earth topic.

Spring Sprigs

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Every green plant needs light, water, carbon dioxide, oxygen and assorted nutrients to grow.  

According to Vertical Farming video in the Spring Sprigs topic. 

Wildlife Habitats

Wild Birds OP CIRCLE.png

Build a pond, feed the birds, include flowers, compost, and a bug hotel are all tips for a wildlife garden. 

According to Wildlife Gardening Top Tips video in the Wildlife Habitats topic. 

Indispensable Insects

Moth OP 2 Circle.png

Pollination is done by bees, wasps, moths, butterflies, and flies.

According to What If Inspects Disappeared from the Planet? video in the Indispensable Insects topic. 

Fashions and Fabrics

Fabrics and Fashion  OP CIRCLE.png

According to the video clip, earth is suffocating because of our increasing desire of Fast Fashion. 

According to Can Fashion Be Sustainable? | BBC Earth in the Fashion and Fabrics topic. 

Renewable Energy

RE OP Circle.png

Renewable Energy can combat climate change, pollution and be a reliable source of power.

According to Renewable Energy 101 | National Geographic video in the Renewable Energy topic. 

Day in the Life of Plants

Day in the Life of a Plant CIRCLE.png

Plants use air mail to warn each other of danger. 

According to Do plants think? in the Day in the Life of Plants topic. 


Recycling Circle.png

Is it beneficial to check with your local municipality for their recycling rules.

According to Why You're Recycling Wrong in the Recycling topic. 


Vegan Games

Questions in a Bowl

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Would You Rather

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Conversation Flashcards

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