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Continuing Education

V-Learning Community offers virtual Learning events on Meetup and Facebook. The materials from these events, along with some extras are posted here. 

Instructions: click through topic slides to see videos (slide 2) and activity (slide 3) used during the virtual event, along with additional resources on some topics (slide 4).

Click the topics in the Table of Contents to jump to that section.

We try to include videos from YouTube that are not highly graphic of animal suffering, in-depth heart surgery, etc., but there are on occasion somewhat graphic images in order to tell the story, and everyone has a different sensitivity level.

Therefore, please use your own discretion. 

If you're starting new and would like more foundational resources, please explore the Online Starter Kit.

Table of Contents

Why Become

Planet et Earth


Health R1

Frugal Plant-Based Meals

Vegetables OP CIRCLE.png

Sugar, Salt & Oil

Sugar Salt Oil OP CIRCLE.png

Considering the Heart

Heart OP Circle.png

Vegan Spirituality

Vegan Spirituality CIRCLE.png

The film clip names fish as even more sentient than humans because of a number of factors, including having taste buds and can see more colors. 

According to What Fish Feel When They Are Killed for Food | NowThis video in the The Complex Experience of Pain topic.

Vegan Meats

Vegan Meat CIRCLE.png

Complex Experience of Pain

The Complex Experience of Pain Circle.png


Health R2
Animals R1

Rabbit Holes

Rabbit OP Circle.png

My Life as a Turkey

Turkey CIRCLE.png

Touching the Wild

Reindeer P F O.png

Grooming for a Rabbit is their way of telling each other they are part of group. 

According to Burrowers: Animals Underground - Baby Rabbits | Wildlife Documentary | Natural History video in the Rabbit Holes topic.

Bearing Hibernation

Bear OP Circle.png

Bird Songs


Octopus Circle.png

Indispensable Insects

Moth OP 2 Circle.png
Animals R2
Animals R3

Elephants have a highly developed emotional center in the brain. 

According to Why Elephants Never Forget - Alex Gendler video in the Elephants topic.

Farmers in Transition

Potato Circle.png


Elephants  OP CIRCLE.png

Vegan Dog and Cat Food

Vegan Dog and Cat Food CIRCLE.png

Human Animals

Human Animals R1

Our Stories

Our Stories and Learnings CIRCLE.png

Da Vinci was one of the first to use the term speciesism and questioned the superiority of humans to the rest of the animal kingdom.

According to Why History's Greatest Minds Didn't Eat Meat | LiveKindly video in the Vegan History topic.

Vegan History

Vegan History and Types SQUARE.png

Compassionate Conversations


Environment R1

Planet et Earth

WWW Icon.png

Spring Sprigs

Vegetables OP Circle.png

As of 2019, we and the animals we raise account for 96% of the mammals and 70% of the birds on earth.

According to How to Save Our Planet video in the Planet et Earth topic.

History of Humans

Human History CIRCLE.png

Fashions and Fabrics

Fabrics and Fashion  OP CIRCLE.png

Plants use air mail to warn each other of danger. 

According to Do plants think? in the Day in the Life of Plants topic. 

Day in the Life of Plants

Day in the Life of a Plant CIRCLE.png

Renewable Energy

RE OP Circle.png
Environment R2


Sustainability CIRCLE.png

Wildlife Habitats

Wild Birds OP CIRCLE.png

Build a pond, feed the birds, include flowers, compost, and a bug hotel are all tips for a wildlife garden. 

According to Wildlife Gardening Top Tips video in the Wildlife Habitats topic. 



Recycling Circle.png
Environment R3
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