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Wag'hen with Ewe (WE)

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The Wag'hen with Ewe page offers a deeper view into animal emotions, learning, and relationships.  After you review some of these materials, is it a potential doorway for you? Does it change your perception of animals, your relationships with them, and your view of how they belong in the greater community?  If this isn't your doorway, is there something else?  

We're continually curating and building learning materials, along with posting on social media. Facebook conversations are identified by     throughout the site.

Resources, like videos, websites, and articles can be found by clicking a topic in the Table of Contents.

We strive to include resources that are not highly graphic of animal suffering, in-depth heart surgery, etc., but there are on occasion somewhat graphic images to tell the story. Everyone has a different sensitivity level, therefore please use your own discretion. 

Please visit the disclaimer for further information.  

If you're starting new and would like more foundational resources, please explore the Online Starter Kit. The Continuing Education goes beyond the basics. 

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