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Instructions: please click through slides to find resources utilizing these media channels:

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  • Articles & Books

Note: there may be multiple slides or none for each category, but this is the sequence.

Rabbit Holes

Rabbit OP Circle.png

Touching the Wild

Reindeer P F O.png

Science is discovery more ways that demonstrate the intelligence of chickens and other animals.   

According to Fowl Play - chicken Intelligence in the Chicken and Egg topic.

Chicken and the Egg

Chicken WIX.png

Bearing Hibernation

Bear OP Circle.png

Octopuses are thought to undergo two different stages of sleep: “quiet sleep” and “active sleep”, the latter of which involves twitching body parts and rapid changes in the texture and patterning of the skin. 

According to Octopuses changing skin pattern while asleep may show they dream, research shows 
in the Octopus topic.


Octopus Circle.png

Indispensable Insects

Moth OP 2 Circle.png

The Bee's Knees

My Life as a Turkey

Turkey CIRCLE.png


Elephants  OP CIRCLE.png

Turkey's have over 30 calls as observed by the narrator. 

According to Learning to Speak Turkey | BBC in the My Life as a Turkey topic.

Grooming for a Rabbit is their way of telling each other they are part of group. 

According to Burrowers: Animals Underground - Baby Rabbits | Wildlife Documentary | Natural History video in the Rabbit Holes topic.


Sentience CIRCLE 2.png

Bird Songs

Vegan Dog and Cat Food

Vegan Dog and Cat Food CIRCLE.png
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