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Online Starter Kit

In making the transition here are a few helpful steps:

Step #1

Why Become

Why Become vegetarian or vegan. Typically, there are three reasons: for your health, the animals, and/or the environment. 

Step #2


Once you’ve decided to make a change, now what? It can appear overwhelming, but there are some Fundamentals that can really help.

Step #3

Develop a System

Identify your needs and 

Develop a System.

Step #4


In your Community, network and learn with those on a similar path. Negotiate a plan with your support system. 

Please explore Continuing Education, for materials that go beyond the Starter Kit. 


In case you find them helpful, here are some other Starter Kits: Good Nutrition -Vegan Starter Kit by PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine), Vegan Starter Kit and The Vegetarian Starter Guide by Mercy for Animals.

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