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Instructions: please click through slides to find resources utilizing these media channels:

  • Videos & Movies

  • Websites & Podcasts

  • Articles & Books

Note: there may be multiple slides or none for each category, but this is the sequence.

Frugal Plant-Based Meals

Vegetables OP CIRCLE.png

Sugar, Salt & Oil

Sugar Salt Oil OP CIRCLE.png

Considering the Heart

Heart OP Circle.png

Vegan Spirituality

Vegan Spirituality CIRCLE 2.PNG

The film clip names fish as even more sentient than humans because of a number of factors, including having taste buds, and they can see more colors. 

According to What Fish Feel When They Are Killed for Food | NowThis video in the The Complex Experience of Pain topic.

Vegan Meats

Vegan Meat CIRCLE.png

Complex Experience of Pain

The Complex Experience of Pain Circle.png
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