Most often people start off slow. Reducing meat consumption or participating in a "Meatless Mondays" program, for instance. They might begin as a vegetarian and gradually become vegan as they learn. 


This allows for a gentler transition to planning meals and finding new ways of thinking about food.


More unusual is when someone watches a movie or reads an article that teaches them something new, and they make the change all at once. 


To help, here are a few tricks:

First off there are many delicious vegan substitutes for everyday foods, like cheese, butter, chicken, seafood, etc.


Click Substitutes for Everyday Foods to view alternatives, ingredients, and where to buy them. Initially you may want to follow your regular meal plan, but insert a vegan or vegetarian substitute.

As your journey continues you may decide to make some of these things. Please see From Scratch section for food demos, tip sheets and resources. Maybe a vegan macaroni and cheese, or tuna fish made from chick peas sounds interesting to you.

Finally, your view of what looks good on your plate may change. Instead of your meal revolving around meat. A stir fry with vegetables and rice with a tangy sauce might hit the spot.


There are many resources available, including plant-based recipes online, cookbooks, and mobile apps.

Other things to consider: house cleaners, beauty supplies, vitamins, leather, down, silk, fur, wool, etc. can have animal ingredients or be tested on animals.


Nowadays there are many alternatives which can be found in health food stores, local grocery stores, clothing and home retailers.

Consider consulting your health or medical care provider before making any changes.

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 From Scratch 

Click the circle icons for Recipes and Demos.


Cashew Cream

Add ingredients to make cheese sauce, sour cream, whip cream and more. 

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Tuna “Chick Pea” Salad

Chick peas have a “tuna” taste and can be used to make vegan tuna fish.

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Mac & Cheese

Add tuna (see previous), green peas and breadcrumbs to make tuna casserole from Mac & Cheese.

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Yuba (Tofu Skin) or Rice Paper

Yuba (Tofu Skin) or Rice Paper are a great way to make crispy bacon, chicken skin, etc. They can be cut into strips for soups, noodles

and rice dishes.

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Tofu Steak

These are a great alternative to meat substitutes, and they’re typically less processed.

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Eggs and Bacon

A traditional breakfast, vegan style. Tofu Scrambled Eggs and Yuba or Rice Paper Bacon

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Forks Over Knives the Cookbook by Del Srouff

Practically Raw by Amber Shea Crawley

Practically Raw Deserts by Amber Shea Crawley

Blissful Bites by Christy Morgan

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

The Homemade Vegan Pantry by Miyoko Schinner


Recipe Booklet  includes macaroni and cheese, tuna fish, chocolate bar, and cashew cream.

When printed and folded, it forms a booklet.

In addition, the VLC Recipe Book located on the top menu bar. 

Self -Study Curriculum

Step #2 Fundamentals

 Please click icons to begin.

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Substitutes for Everyday  Food

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Fundamentals Video