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Note: there may be multiple slides or none for each category, but this is the sequence.

Planet et Earth

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Spring Sprigs

Vegetables OP Circle.png

Alternative Farming Methods

Regenerative Farming CIRCLE.png

Plants use air mail to warn each other of danger. 

According to Do plants think? in the Day in the Life of Plants topic. 

Fashions and Fabrics

Fabrics and Fashion  OP CIRCLE.png

Farming Animals, Carbon and Climate

Farming Animals Carbon and Climate CIRCLE.png

Day in the Life of Plants

Day in the Life of a Plant CIRCLE.png

Renewable Energy

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Sustainability CIRCLE.png

Wildlife Habitats

Wild Birds OP CIRCLE.png

Build a pond, feed the birds, include flowers, compost, and a bug hotel are all tips for a wildlife garden. 

According to Wildlife Gardening Top Tips video in the Wildlife Habitats topic. 



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