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Learning Evolves, One to Another

Whether you're a seasoned vegetarian or vegan, beginning your journey, or just thinking about it, please come and explore. All are welcome. You'll find learning materials to support you regardless of your experience level in the Online Starter Kit and Continuing Education page.

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Online Starter Kit

Step #1

Why Become

Why Become vegetarian or vegan. Typically, there are three reasons: for your health, the animals, and/or the environment. 

Step #2


Once you’ve decided to make a change, now what? It can appear overwhelming, but there are some Fundamentals that can really help.

Step #3

Develop a System

Identify your needs and 

Develop a System.

Step #4


In your Community, network and learn with those on a similar path. Negotiate a plan with your support system. 

Continuing Education ~ New Learning!

Reading Labels

They can be confusing, and sometimes they don’t mean what you think they mean.

For more, visit the Continuing Education page.

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Foods From Scratch

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Butter made with corn, tuna from garbanzo beans, olive oil from whole olives, and nutritional yeast used for cheese flavor are just a few of the ideas and recipes in Foods From Scratch.

For additional resources, visit the Fundamentals and Develop a System pages.

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