Whether you're a seasoned vegetarian or vegan, beginning your journey, or just thinking about it, please come and explore. All are welcome. You'll find learning materials to support you, like: food demos, recipes, job aids, videos,

activities, community connections, and a self-study curriculum.

Upcoming Virtual Events


At the virtual events, we usually start by sharing the vegan fare we’ve made for the dinner party or brunch.


Then, we spend some time learning about a vegan topic, such as the emotional lives of turkeys to being vegan on a budget. Members are encouraged to share their insights, knowledge, and questions. Activities are woven throughout.


Next, a homemade vegan staple is demonstrated live - like butter, cheese, or bacon. Members can participate from their own kitchens, or they’re also welcome to just watch.


We wind down the event with some community time to chat about  

documentaries, books, websites, upcoming events, and whatever else interests us. 

Spring Sprigs

Virtual Vegan Brunch

May 2021 (details coming soon)

We’ll begin our visit by sharing the vegan fare we’ve made, a favorite kitchen tool, product, or ingredient.  


Spring is finally here! Let’s learn about some vegetables that can be planted in spring, along with different gardening techniques like hydroponics, aeroponics, and permaculture. Conversation and activities will be woven throughout. 

Our demo will be homemade vegan Caesar Salad Dressing.

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In case you find them helpful, here are some other Starter Kits: Vegan Starter Kit and Mercy for Animals Starter Guide.

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